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FundedNext provides a valuable opportunity for forex traders looking to excel in their trading journey. With a focus on financial empowerment, this platform offers funding of up to $300,000.



FundedNext Prop Firm

FundedNext, a proprietary trading company, collaborates with Eightcap, a broker licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) since its establishment in 2009. Funded Next operates in the UAE, USA, and Southeast Asia, serving individuals from all countries. They offer funding of up to $200,000, with the potential for growth reaching $4 million. The maximum leverage available is 1:100. FundedNext presents traders with a choice between two account types, each with five plans, enabling them to select the most suitable options. Depending on performance, partners can earn a profit share ranging from 60% to 90%. The qualification process involves engaging in simple challenges. To verify their proficiency, users trade on a demo account, with the platform paying them 15% of their earnings in real funds. There are minimal requirements thereafter, including at least 10 monthly trading sessions, a daily drawdown of up to 5%, and an overall drawdown of up to 10%. Partners trade using MetaTrader 4 and can utilize the proprietary mobile app provided by the trading firm for account management.


  • In development for 2.5 years before the launch
  • Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.6/5
  • Developed their own mainline MT5 Server ”GrowthNext Server”
  • Unlimited evaluation free retries
  • Instant Phase 1 & Phase 2 account credentials
  • Maximum balance of $4,000,000
  • Balance-based drawdown
  • Profit split of 15% for evaluation stages
  • No time limitations
  • Up to 90% profit split
  • Profit sharing even if account is breached
  • No restrictions on trading style
  • Overnight and weekend holding allowed
  • Scaling account option
  • Leverage 1:100
  • Swap-free accounts with raw spreads


  • No news trading with Express model accounts
  • Consistency rule for express model accounts
Funded Next Prop Firm Review

Who are FundedNext?

FundedNext fosters a culture of success, encouraging traders to thrive in their trading endeavors. Their primary expectation from clients revolves around discipline, effective risk management, and a steadfast commitment to long-term consistency. Evidencing their dedication to traders’ growth, FundedNext offers a scaling plan with an impressive cap of $4,000,000. Depending on the chosen funding program option, traders become eligible for profit splits ranging from 60% to 90%. By engaging in forex pairs, commodities, and indices trading, traders have the opportunity to achieve substantial profits through FundedNext’s platform.



Funded Next CEO Abdullah Jayed

Who is the CEO of FundedNext?

Abdullah Jayed has earned global recognition as a highly promising young entrepreneur within the digital sector and the retail trading industry. In 2016, he established Jayed Corp with the aim of creating global employment opportunities and simplifying people’s lives.

Jayed has gained significant acclaim for his successful ventures, including Growth Alliance, MoneyBackFX, and eComChef, all of which quickly became leading companies in their respective markets. Building on his accomplishments in the retail trading industry, he further founded FundedNext, a multi-million dollar proprietary trading firm that has emerged as an enticing prospect within the industry.

Funding Options

FundedNext offers its traders four different programs to choose from:

Two-step Stellar challenge model
One-step Stellar challenge model
Evaluation model
Express model
Consistency Express model
Non-consistency Express model

Funded Next Funding Models

FundedNext introduces their innovative two-step Stellar challenge model account, designed to recognize dedicated and skilled traders. By demonstrating consistency throughout the two-phase challenge period, traders can earn rewarding incentives. With the challenge program account, you'll have the opportunity to trade with a leverage of 1:100, enhancing your trading potential.

FundedNext introduces the two-step Stellar challenge model account, featuring specific requirements and enticing rewards. In phase one, traders aim to achieve an 8% profit target while adhering to the maximum daily loss of 5% and maximum loss of 10%. Phase one has no limitations on trading days, but a minimum of five trading days is necessary to progress to phase two.

In phase two, traders strive to reach a 5% profit target while maintaining the maximum daily loss and maximum loss rules. Similar to phase one, there are no restrictions on trading days, but a minimum of five trading days is required to advance to a funded account.

Upon successful completion of both challenge phases, traders are granted a funded account, where no profit targets need to be met. However, it is crucial to follow the 5% maximum daily loss and 10% maximum loss rules. The initial profit split is set at 80%, based on the profits generated. Additionally, traders receive a 15% profit share based on the profit achieved in each challenge phase, alongside their first payout. Subsequent payouts are issued on a bi-weekly basis.

The two-step Stellar challenge model account also offers a scaling plan. To qualify, traders must achieve a profit target of 10% or more within a four-month period, with at least two profitable months and a final month ending in profit. Scaling the account results in a 40% increase in the original account balance, with the possibility of reaching up to $4,000,000. Moreover, the profit split rises to 90% upon scaling the account for the first time.

FundedNext Reviews

What makes FundedNext different from other prop firms?

FundedNext Reviews

15% Profit Sharing from Challenge Phase

FundedNext stands out as the exclusive proprietary trading firm that provides a remarkable 15% profit sharing from the earnings generated by traders during the challenge phases. This distinctive feature is designed to motivate and reward our top-performing traders, aligning with our commitment to deliver the most exceptional payout bonuses in the industry.

FundedNext Prop Firm Review

No Time Limit on Challenge Phase

FundedNext offers funding challenges without any time limits, providing traders with a sense of tranquility and freedom. With no pressure to meet profit targets within a specific deadline, traders can engage in their trading activities with peace of mind. This unique approach eliminates the anxiety associated with time constraints and allows traders to focus on their strategies and make informed decisions without the added stress of meeting strict deadlines.

FundedNext Trader Income

Balanced Base Drawdown

At FundedNext, the maximum daily drawdown is calculated using your balance rather than your equity. In the event that you have active trades when a new trading day commences, the balance at that particular time is taken into account for the calculation of the daily drawdown, ensuring utmost reliability. This approach is implemented to uphold our commitment to being recognized as the most dependable proprietary trading firm globally. By considering the balance for daily drawdown calculations, we aim to provide traders with a trustworthy and transparent trading environment.

FundedNext Reviews

Raw Spreads & Lowest Commissions

To fulfill its commitment to providing the finest proprietary trading conditions, FundedNext guarantees raw spreads, even in Swap Free accounts. This means that traders can benefit from competitive and transparent spreads without any additional costs or adjustments. FundedNext aims to deliver exceptional trading conditions that meet the highest industry standards.

Additionally, FundedNext offers traders the advantage of the lowest commissions in the market. For FX pairs and commodities, traders enjoy a commission of only $3 per round lot

FundedNext Pay-out Proof

FundedNext, founded on March 18, 2022, has successfully completed over a year of operations and is rapidly establishing itself as one of the premier proprietary trading firms in the industry. With a strong focus on growth and development, FundedNext has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing firms in the market. Through their dedication and commitment, they are continuously striving to achieve excellence and provide traders with exceptional opportunities.

FundedNext Payout
FundedNext Payout Amounts




Which brokers do FundedNext use?

FundedNext has integrated its technology with a broker Eightcap, an ASIC-regulated broker in Melbourne, Australia. They were founded in 2009 with a simple, straightforward mission to provide exceptional financial services to its clients. They have five offices around the globe and regulations in multiple locations providing clients worldwide with the ability to trade on markets across FX, indices, commodities, and shares.

Eightcap is considered average-risk, with an overall Trust Score of 73 out of 99. They have the following features:

Forex Trading

CFD Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading

Social Trading/Copy-Trading

A total of 326 Tradeable Symbols

A total of 45 Forex Pairs

They offer two account types, one being Raw and the other Standard. The commissions and fees will depend on which of the two you choose. Fees for Standard accounts are built into a spread and for Raw accounts into a commission. Another fee you should always consider is the overnight fee, which is an interest for holding an open position overnight in trading.

Being a MetaTrader only broker, their offers are MetaTrader 4 and the newer MetaTrader 5 platforms from MetaQuotes Software Corporation.

Top 5 FundedNext Customer Reviews

100% Recommending This Company
They have a fantastic Discord community where the support team will respond to you until the issue is resolved, also This company is very legit; they have already paid out many traders from their trades. It's a game-changer to be able to earn 15% profit from challenges after passing the test in addition to getting your refund and there's no time restriction.
FundedNext Trader profile

Ka Klyd
Experienced Trader

Growing AS A Trader With FundedNext
My journey as a trader started a while back and when I learnt about FundedNext I figured this is where I want to grow my trading career. I have seen how they go far & beyond to improve & build traders out here and without fear of contradiction I can proudly say am one of them. Thank You FundedNext for wanting to see traders grow. Asante sana!
FundedNext Traders

James Mwangi
Experienced Trader

FundedNext Stellar The Best Out There
Stellar Account is the best out here with FundedNext.I received my Funded Account just in less than an hour after passing the challenges! You can also earn 15% profit from your challenges + your refund. That's huge to be honest. Another good thing is that there are no time limit! No need to rush.

I really Recommend this commendable work of FundedNext.
FundedNext Discount

‍Experienced Trader

Never Seen A Prop Firm Like This, I'm In Love.
Precisely what I've been looking for in a prop firm account, quick and precise execution of trades, low spreads and encourage culture of proper risk management. I'm glad I came across this prop firm.
FundedNext Prop Firm Review

Nwankwo Chibunna
‍Experienced Trader

Good Prop Firm
FN is a really good prop firm based on my personal prop firm review, their incentives are on point. Customer care too is on point, their community gives all support you will need, tested trade and spread is also on point with less commission compared to other prop firms.
FundedNext Review

Diego Borriello
‍‍Experienced Trader

Trading Instruments

FundedNext Funding allows you to trade forex pairs, commodities, indices, equities, and cryptocurrencies with a 1:100 leverage.






FRA40 EUSTX50 JPN225 NDX100 SPX500 UK100

Trading Fees

Assets Fee Terms
Forex 3 USD / LOT
Commodities 3 USD / LOT
Indices 0 USD / LOT


To summarize, FundedNext is a reliable proprietary trading firm offering different challenge models to traders, including the Two-step Stellar, One-step Stellar, Evaluation, and Express models. Each model has specific profit targets and risk management rules to follow. Traders can earn profit splits ranging from 60% to 90% and have the opportunity to scale their accounts.

The Two-step Stellar model requires traders to complete two phases with realistic profit targets of 8% and 5% before becoming funded. The One-step Stellar model involves completing one phase with a profit target of 10%. The Evaluation model follows an industry-standard two-phase challenge with profit targets of 10% and 5%. The Express model is a one-step challenge with a profit target of 25% and offers flexibility in trading duration.

FundedNext has established itself as a legitimate prop firm with straightforward rules and objectives. Despite being relatively new, they have gained trust and are considered a safe choice for traders seeking capital. They provide favourable conditions for a diverse range of trading strategies. Overall, FundedNext is regarded as one of the leading proprietary trading firms in the industry.

Please note that the information in this review was last updated on July 6, 2023, at 07:54.

FundedNext Prop Firm Review